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Custom DEADPOOL Marvel Legends Action Figure X-men! 6"
This item SOLD on 6/21/2009 for $710.00

*Jin Saotome's Dangerous Toys Auctions!* Welcome to another one of my custom action figure auctions! These are adult collectibles (ages 18+) and should not be given to a child. As always, there is no reserve on my auctions and they start out at just a penny. Please take a moment to read the entire auction before placing a bid, for it describes the items, terms of the auction, and shipping information. Iâ??ve also written up an Auction FAQ that answers the common questions I get. *Auction Description* This auction is for a custom made 6" tall Marvel Legends scale Deadpool with twin swords, twin hi-tech pistols, silencer pistol, boot knife, shotgun, SMG, and removable unmasked head. (Tanto knife plus twin Sai included as well but not pictured) He has over 28 points of articulation that you'd expect from a Marvel Legends giving this figure an amazing range of comic style poses. And man, can you ever get some awesome ones from this super-articulated body type! When you're right, you're right folks!! It was time for me to make a Deadpool to beat out all my others. You asked for a super articulated body, tons of accessories, an unmasked head, and a paint job that blew all my others away. Here's my reply! You get a custom Marvel Legends Deadpool that's beyond any that I've done so far. You can literally get almost every comic pose of him including jumping and lunging poses. Notice the head? It's an exact scaled sculpt of the Bowen Deadpool bust courtesy of Kyle Robinson's castings complete with crazy eye expression and hoodie tip. But what if Wade needs to reveal his ugly mug? Pop on the included unmasked head to show off his scarred features so he can scare the heck out of some kids! Deadpool also features hand-sculpted sections made from Aves Apoxie sculpt. His paint job consists of some of the most detailed work I've done recently and includes realistic costume/muscle shading, seam lining, multiple blended paint layers, visible highlights, and of course his signature iconic belt buckle. You get a ton of accessories including some bonus ones not pictured, all wieldable by the 'Merc with a Mouth' so he can wreak havoc on your shelf. I can promise you without a doubt this is not just some ordinary Deadpool custom, it's a one of a kind piece that belongs in a display case and will set the standard for all my future customs. So, what are you waiting for? Someone to hold a gun to your head? Don't pass this auction up! *Auction Rules, Terms, and Conditions* #1. I can no longer accept bids by bidders with 0 feedback or with recent high negative feedback ratings. Iâ??m sorry but I cannot make any exceptions. You must have at least 1 recent positive feedback to bid. This protects my bidders from having someone new sign up just to mess with the auction. I monitor all bids and will cancel bids by 0 feedback bidders. If it continues, they will be placed on the blocked bidder list. Please understand, I have nothing against new EBay members! This rule is here to help keep bidding honest. #2. Payment must be made within 7 days. All my auctions begin and end on Sunday, so you need to pay for what you won the last week before you start winning new ones. Iâ??ll send a reminder Friday if no payment has been made. But, by the next Sunday (thatâ??s 7 days) if no payment has been made, you will be reported for non-payment. Any of your bids will be canceled on my current auctions as well. PayPal is easy to use and Ebayâ??s new integrated credit card system allows you to pay that way too. #3. What you see is what you get. There are no alterations, substitutions, or refunds on custom figures. If you donâ??t like the way something looks, please donâ??t bid. Check my feedback if you have any doubts about my quality and you will find everyone has been quite pleased with my work so far. Feel free to message me with any questions, too! Iâ??ll answer every one in a timely fashion. I might even post them on the auction. #4. Bid retractions are highly frowned upon. Please double-check your numbers (and bank account) before you hit confirm bid. Also, double-check with your significant other to make sure they won't strangle you in your sleep for bidding on my auctions! Should I find bid retractions with no corrective bid placed, (I understand if you entered $5000 and not $50.00, just place the correct bid afterwards) you will be blocked from bidding on my auctions and reported for inappropriate bid retraction. I wish I didnâ??t have to go to this extreme, but I need to protect my customers as well as myself. People are abusing it to find high bids and thatâ??s against EBay policy. Thanks for understanding! *Shipping Terms* Shipping for US Buyers. PayPal or Ebayâ??s integrated credit card system can be used for payment. Shipping for US buyers through USPS Priority Mail will be $6.00 which includes Delivery Confirmation. US bidders have the option to add insurance in case of loss or damage based on the final price, signature conformation, and other options. Please email me and let me know. The item(s) will be shipped in a sturdy box with lots of bubble-wrap in case itâ??s roughed up during transit, so you do not worry about damage. I combine shipping on multiple auctions too at no extra charge. Shipping for International Buyers. PayPal or Ebayâ??s integrated credit card system can be used for payment. Please use the Shipping Calculator drop-down boxes at the bottom. The item(s) will be shipped in a sturdy box with lots of bubble-wrap in case itâ??s roughed up during transit, so you do not worry about damage. I combine shipping on multiple auctions too. International orders can be shipped three ways: USPS First Class Airmail International. Basic shipping, no tracking, least expensive. USPS Priority Mail International. Faster shipping, customs forms/numbers, insured up to $65.00 USPS Express Mail (EMS). Fastest shipping, international tracking number, can be insured to full amount. Well, you're almost done reading. I take great pride in my customs, designs, and reputation here on EBay. My feedback speaks for itself if you have any doubts about my work. Feel free to contact me at with any questions! If you wish, take a moment to check out the rest of my work at my site, Jin Saotomeâ??s Dangerous Toys. Thanks for checking out my auction, and as always... Good Luck Bidding!

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