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GI Joe Huge Mixed Lot Figures & Vehicles 1982-1994 Â
This item SOLD on 6/9/2008 for $630.87

GI Joe Huge Mixed Lot. Figures, Weapons, Backpacks, Helmets, Missiles & Vehicles 1982-1994. I just started going through my old toys seeing which ones i want to keep and which ones i want to sale. I just don't have the space for these anymore. There is about 212 total GI Joe's in good but used condition. 128 shown loose, 41 that have 2 or more wrapped in clear lunch bags & 53 i put in clear lunch bags that i started finding the gear for. I just don't have the time to put them all together as you can see there is a lot of stuff so i have no idea what ones are complete and which ones are not, same goes for the Vehicles. Altogether i have 19 Vehicles all in used condition the only vehicle that i know is complete is the Battle Wagon shown by itself other then that i don't know what's missing. You will also be receiving 84 GI Joe's that need to be re-rubber band, these are not part of the 212 that are still together. I will also give you my copy of "The Ultimate Guide to G.I Joe" Identification & Price guide. Please feel free to ask any question. Buyer pays for shipping. Money Order only please. Thank you and happy bidding.

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