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superman toy collectIbles vintage 1960's - present OVER 20 YEARS WORTH OF MY SUPERMAN TOY COLLECTIBLES
This item SOLD on 1/9/2007 for $510.00

This collectionis soooo big. This is the one picture I took before storing everything in boxes. I put as much as I could fit on these shelve but there is still more. There are a lot of superman action figures still in boxes. A 5 foot tall "Publix Superman the ride" promo stand. Superman 1 Movie cards. Burger King drinking glasses, toothbrushes, keychains, plush dolls, comics, 1st Superman comic, Action comic #1. ceramic busts, lunch boxes, 12 inch and 6 inch records fromr radio show. several complete sets of cards. Too much to name. Thousands of dollars have been spent on this collection. If it did not meet my expectations I DID NOT BUY IT! for questions buyer to pay shipping

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